Our journey so far

With over 50 in-house talents, several ongoing projects with a projected ROI exceeding 300%, Somnus Collective stands on a robust foundation.

With the shifting of our industry, we’ve gradually evolved from an effective talent agency into a publishing powerhouse, focusing on underrepresented regions like Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Our success is built on a model that supports creators throughout the entire process, from concept to market, covering funding, expert guidance, and publishing services.


Create video games that we can stand behind, that honor the essence of gaming as we remember it.

At Somnus Collective, we aim to redefine industry standards. Harnessing carefully curated, in-house talent, we spearhead development and publishing of projects that resonate with our dedication, passion and innovative spirit.


At Somnus, we believe in games that are just that - games. No hidden agendas, no unnecessary expenses, just pure, unadulterated gameplay.

Quality is at the forefront of our endeavors. While the gaming world chases after shock value and safe business practices, we prioritize solid gameplay, pushing limits and transcending conventional boundaries, while keeping both the cost and development expenses at affordable amounts for everyone. Our goal is simple - to deliver top-tier experiences without breaking the bank.


A unique aspect of our philosophy is our dedication to nurturing talent.

While modern studios increasingly rely on industry veterans, we see the value and potential in fresh perspectives the most, actively seeking out eager minds bubbling with innovation who can breathe new life into our projects. We believe that the next great talent is always out there - all we have to do is find them. 


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