Internship Program

Harness your full potential with our Extensive Internship Program, allowing aspiring developers and game design artists to work under the tutorage of our core development team – where they can hone their skills, bring their portfolios up to the international standard, and receive the opportunity to experience the daily workings of a remote game studio from the start of development all the way up to the product’s final release.

Our program is specifically targeted at building up the working quality, experience and resume strength of our interns – where we might also consider them as full-time employees for future projects.

Some of our best experiences have been shaped with ambitious, young, aspiring minds that seek to positively reform and reshape the gaming industry – breaking barriers and bringing innovative mindsets to our team.

Our expert Internship Partner-Programs are designed specifically for universities and colleges – in regular collaboration with its representatives and future alumni in the way of facilitating practicums which serve as industry jumping pads for the career success of the students involved – handing them the opportunity of shaping a strong and reliable portfolio of work designed specifically to assist them in accessing exciting opportunities in the notoriously hard-to-break-through video games industry from the get-go

Who is eligible for the Internship Programme?
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Recent high school graduates or current university students to apply.
  • Proficiency in the English language is a crucial requirement for effective communication and collaboration during the internship.
What will I gain from the Internship?
  • Participants will have the opportunity to explore the intricacies of the gaming industry, gain firsthand knowledge from industry experts, collaborate with a mentor for guidance and continuous feedback, and experience the daily workings of a remote game studio from development initiation to the final product release.
How does the mentoring process work?
  • Our interns work under the tutelage of our core development team. They receive guidance and continuous feedback from a mentor, allowing them to harness their full potential and bring their portfolios up to international standards.
Is the Internship Programme remote or on-site?
  • The Internship Programme is designed to be conducted remotely, providing flexibility for participants to engage with the program from their preferred locations.
What are the prospects for interns after completing the program?
  • Our program is focused on building the working quality, experience, and resume strength of our interns. Exceptional participants may be considered for full-time employment in future projects.
How can I apply for the Internship Program?
  • To apply for the Internship Program, please send your application to – ensure you attach your resume, CV, portfolio, or any other relevant materials that showcase your skills and experience.
    We look forward to reviewing your application!
Is the Internship Program only for individuals, or do you have partnership programs with educational institutions?
  • We have expert Internship Partner-Programs specifically designed for universities and colleges. These programs facilitate practicums, serving as industry jumping pads for the career success of students and providing opportunities to shape a strong and reliable portfolio. If you are an educational entity interested in collaborating with us for an internship program tailored to your students, please send us an email at We welcome the chance to explore potential partnerships and contribute to the professional development of emerging talent.
Can international students apply for the Internship Program?
  • Yes, the Internship Program is open to applicants from around the world. Proficiency in the English language is a crucial requirement for effective communication during the program.
How long does the Internship Program last?
  • Our Internship Programme is available year-round, providing flexibility for interested individuals to apply at any time. We understand that everyone’s schedule may differ, so we offer the opportunity for interns to join us at various points throughout the year. Additionally, we believe in tailoring a personalized experience for every intern to ensure a meaningful and enriching journey.
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